vitamin b12


vegan, and confused about b12 ?  
join the club!  but this clear-headed discussion will perhaps suprise you

there are so many articles, analyses, opinions, myths and monsters regarding and hovering over a vegan lifestyle.  
let us remain sensible and open as information consumes us, while paying attention to, of course, the final arbiter and evidence – ourselves!

the best and most definitive articles we have found are:

vegan health and fitness 
a wonderful, up-to-date and informed discussion of the subject by brian acree, well referenced
a fine new magazine and website, by the way.  highly recommended 

vegan society
a careful discussion and well researched directive... un-credited but well referenced
the vegan society, always a safe harbour of encouragement, wisdom and knowledge

 make up your own mind.  and as usual, know thyself!