manna—a feast for the eyes

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A cripsy nest satay With our favourite organic gin of course Raw pad thai Manna our london restaurant in beautiful primrose hill Homemade daily bread Cashew cheese quesadilla Anytime hearty soups homemade breads Petit fours plate Sometimes it's tough to choose, a mezze please..! Breakfast lunch or dinner burrito Thali plate Penne with rich basil olive sauce, add a vetball or two Burger fries made to order Tempeh roast ready to go Pear endive salad and candied walnuts Sticky toffee pudding with pecan ice cream Roasted vegetable tart Homemade artisan breads Black bean enchilada casserole Old fashion banofee-trifle Courgette and corn fritters Roasted vegetable salad Tempeh stuffed cabbage rolls A mezze, 'cause sometimes it's tough to choose! Inimitable ceasar salad Root vegetaable masala in a papad bowl A plate of petit fours A satay nest! Black bean fajitas with pinapple salsa Matthew's unbeatbale mince pies! Creamy mung bean dhal Raw vegetable spring rolls Asparagus polenta salad with homemade mayo Mixed vegetable tempura Crispy marinated tofu Old fashioned fruit crumble Fresh chillies anyone Ravioli hearts for your valentines Alive raw vegetable spring rolls Falafel with hummus sundried tomato chutney Minted pea soup Smoky tofu pierogi with white wine sauce Bonda and ragada spicy potato cakes with homemade chutneys Bangers and mash Quinoa maki rolls Breakfast, not to be skipped! Fresh berries cream shortcake Pomegranate boats Cheesecake timbale Bread olives always break the ice! Oyster mushroom tempura Raw cheesecake with fresh figs Southern sweet potato galette with grilled plantain okra Chef's salad with marinated cripsy tofu Cranberry tart Polenta salad Walnut wild mushroom crispy ravioli with fennel sauce Nachos to share Healing winter vegetable stew Quinoa and millet croquettes with beetroot hummus Spicy thai salad Onion and squash tart Downhome spaghetti veatballs Perfect gluten free onion rings Tiramisu cheesecake Baked apple in puff pastry Vanilla bean pannacotta Irresistable banofee trifle Coleslaw on the side Root vegetable tagine with falafel Very british knickerboker glory