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robin is the creative force behind plant-based manna cuisine in los angeles and was for many years (decades!) the inspiration and menu designer of london's famous manna restaurant, especially since it went fully vegan in 2008.  always vegetarian, manna led the way since 1967 and was the most established restaurant of its kind in the UK, if not all of europe.

robin and husband roger reside in los angeles, and have since they met and married over 35 years ago. it is to her southern california roots that robin draws her inspiration and ideas, whether traditional or nouveau, multi-ethnic or primarily local and mexican – without for a moment turning her back on the history and astonishing array of wonderful ethnicity available in london.

when she is not being that guiding light in many kitchens, or consulting with organizations and individuals on a plant-based, vegan lifestyle, or as a very popular private chef and events caterer, she can also be found teaching her delightful classes in clients' kitchens or in her own rustic abode nestled at the foot of the santa susannah mountains at the edge of los angeles.

robin can also be located and found and booked on the  cozymeal website, a U.S. nationwide resource for fine private chefs and cooking instructors. 

robin is currently executive chef and specialist teacher at the ground breaking and award winning K-12  MUSE GLOBAL & VIRTUAL school in malibu, california, certified by 'green restaurant' as having the greenest kitchen in the world..!



chef robin—the inspiration and menu designer of london's famous manna restaurant

 courgette and corn fritters

her inspiration and ideas come from her southern california roots

maki rolls

a very popular private chef and events caterer

pear endive salad and candied walnuts

teaching her delightful classes in clients' kitchens or her own rustic abode

raw cheesecake

currently executive chef and specialist teacher at MUSE school

rosemary polenta

MUSE—certified by 'green restaurant' as having the greenest kitchen in the world..!