Speedy out of the box


Responsive yields high page speed results using the built in template defaults and optimisation tools. Without any additions to your server configuration and with optimised content (mainly in the form of appropriately sized images) Responsive2 is capable of producing page speed results in the mid 80s.

Example of a page speed report without htaccess changes

The speed test above was performed without any additions to the htaccess file using the default Joomla settings. The page tested features 3 images and an average amount of content.


Example of page speed report with changes to htaccess files.

The speed test above was performed on the same page using an enhanced htaccess file. As you can see with the addition of the htaccess rules it's possible to take your Joomla website to a close to perfect score in what amounts to a two part process. You can download the htaccess rules directly from our Guthub repo for the ZGF4 htaccess file.