why organic & vegan wine?

manna offers only the finest organic & vegan red and white wines

grapes are usually heavily sprayed with pesticides, both directly onto the skin and onto the surrounding soil, making them one of the most toxic commercial crops.  large residues of these toxins if not absorbed into the vine roots are also washed or pressed into the wine pulp, therefore, inevitably, ingestible with the wines themselves.


organic wines are free of synthetic chemicals therefore less stressful to the agricultural and human bio-systems alike.  organic wines are also much more likely to be harvested by hand, allowing more accurate, again less stressful and more timely selection of the ripened grapes. 


vegan wines do not use any animal products (egg whites and albumin; gelatin; insect, crustacean and fish products, etc) to clear or ‘fine’ the wine, using for example mineral clays instead.  we at manna are of the opinion that the finest varieties of organic and vegan wines stand up to the finest wines available.  if you would like help selecting a fine wine for your meal, please do not hesitate to ask

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