rose & dessert wines

rosé wine

longchamp 'alpilles' rosé

2016 (france) (org)(v)
a southern french rosé that has been made from grapes that have absorbed the mediterranean sunshine, fragrant, fruity pink for an easy-drinking pleasure from the côtes du rhône region    ALC/VOL 13%
175 ml glass £7
bottle    £28

domaine jas d'esclansi

2016 (france) (org)(v)
provence simply is the home of rosé and what makes this so great is its elegance and refined but persistent fruit.  salmon pink appearance and cranberry and red cherry flavours    ALC/VOL 13%
bottle    £39

gio perla rosata frizzante

(italy) (org)(v)
a wonderfully substantive blended sparkling wine from the veneto & north eastern regions. merlot & prosecco grapes grapes fermented separately then blended & fermented together a 2nd time    ALC/VOL 11.5%
bottle    £25


dessert wine

stellar heaven on earth sweet muscut

(south africa) (org)(v)
the effect of muscat grapes dried on a bed of straw with a hint of added rooibus tea contributes to its intensity and flavour, natural acidity keeps this wine deliciously fresh. also a perfect apéritif          ALC/VOL 11%
50 ml glass    £4
bottle    £30

aoc sauternes château dudon

(france) (org)(v)
a wonderful highly rated sweet bordeaux from close to the legendary château yquem. perfectly produced from semillon, savignnon blanc and a tiny amount of muscadelle. deeply opulent yet bright with acidity. a real treat =on its own or partnered with blue nut cheese or sweet desserts          ALC/VOL 13.5%
50 ml glass    £7
bottle    £66


(org) organic
(v) vegan
(bio) biodynamic

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