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'I've been a regular visitor to Manna for thirty years.... it still remains the best vegetarian restaurant in London...

'I've been a regular visitor to Manna for thirty years and watched the place go through numerous owners and chefs but it still remains the best vegetarian restaurant in London. The place is barely recognisable from the times of Dylan and splinters! These days the place has a sophisticated, modern d├ęcor but the owners have managed to keep the intimacy of the original restaurant.' 'Rough wooden benches, Bob Dylan playing softly in the background and wonderful vegetarian food', are Cass Business School's Deputy Dean, Steve Haberman's earliest memories of his favourite restaurant Manna in Primrose Hill. 'These days I know the owners well and they always extend a warm greeting to make my guests and I feel welcome. As well as a great place to entertain business colleagues, I've celebrated numerous family occasions at Manna, most recently my wife and I hosted our Silver Wedding party there for friends and family'.

'Thirty years ago finding vegetarian food on a regular restaurant menu was rare, but even today, vegetarian choices can be unimaginative or non-existent! At Manna the menu is always changing and often surprises. We've eaten superb Thai and Indonesian dishes as well as the best of modern-European vegetarian 'fusion' cuisine ? it never disappoints.'

'Being based in the heart of the City, it's good to go a bit further out too. Primrose Hill is not far, but feels a million miles away. A great place to get a fresh perspective.'

Professor Steven.......
Deputy Dean of Cass Business School, City of London
One of the world's top ten actuaries

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