outside services

manna cuisine

is very proud to offer an array of outside vegan services and products

we would very much enjoy bringing the manna nourishing experience directly to you.  we offer the same quality of cuisine, expertise and service in all related fields, and can design a bespoke program, menu or nutritional advice, etc, based upon years of successful catering and teaching in los angeles and london for a large and sophisticated international clientele, including many celebrities

•   full catering service
for every kind of event, large or small, see sample menus (buffet / canapés
•   cooking classes & courses
locally and on our extensive travels
•   consultations and advice
tailored to your needs!  
we can help you introduce a vegan philosophy into your lifestyle, business, or nutritional challenges

  start-up or in-place restaurant/businesses welcome
  for menu/nutritional/supplier or general business consultation
personal consultation
  at-home instruction available
  virtual or in-person consultation
  whatever/whenever viable
  please contact us directly at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


robin • roger swallow



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