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mind your manna

What’s all the noise about?  How many times in the last forty, fifty, years have we screamed and yelled that something huge was happening?  That we had woken up and figured out that there is killing going on under our satiated noses, that we are being fed a BIG lie by the corporate profit motive, it's political hand-to-mouth, and the viral expansion of our own greed that it represents...

We, as children fresh from a world war we barely escaped, didn’t feel our parent's thrift but for our rationed childish impulses.  Lamenting on the deprivation and inconvenience, we were driven on deep into consumer-land.  Our newly unfettered ‘nature’ rejoicing in a newly full larder was hurtling about consuming everything in sight, with no end in sight, until we collapsed into a grinning pool of processed and unbalanced non-food, made to taste.

Hey, but wait a minute!  Britain had welcomed in (grudgingly it seems) a collective of post war, colonial, migrating influences that would show us a ‘life’ beyond our suet pudding; pork chops; lots of white stuff; cod & chips.  Add to our migrants’ doorstep, a rapidly expanding, post-war world of blossoming communications and affordable travel, a global mixed media and a modernist cultural revolution, we were deeply awakened by these astonishing influences; we woke up hard and had our tale to tell.

We insisted, loudly, of what we were witnessing.  We screamed out at a volume in direct proportion to our new, as yet ill-formed awareness in the ol’ tradition of:  “…those that need the teaching most, preach the loudest.”  But we were surely on to something here.

We were heading for a societal physical and mental health collapse, we felt.  What we then knew and preached too loudly perhaps - this secret we had unraveled from the wise, aged disciplines that we had tripped over during our dreams’ state and walkabouts - was obviously so needed in the West’s kitchens and consciousness.  ‘Sooner or later it was inevitable’, we exclaimed…

We were so right.


This headlong rush into nihilistic self-gratification that threw us out of the 1950’s, in pretense and out of control, had seemed to so many – as it still does today – that to ride on a principle that that which satiated us could never be healthy, and visa versa: hence to be well is to be disciplined without joy; to be nourished without low-self satiation.  What nonsense!  Even our grandparents bound up tight in their Victorian restrictions knew better than that.  How, for instance, could anybody believe that wholesome food must be presented poorly and taste awful, or not taste at all?  And here we are, after all our ranting, some people STILL believe that!  Hey, some people still believe that a wholesome life that embraces the concept of holistic global inclusiveness and universal connectivity is evil.

Time to turn down the noise.

We also discovered, macrocosmically, that we inhabit bodies that directly respond to ALL they consume - whether, eaten, drunk, heard, smelled, thought or certainly felt from within, or without. From within, we respond to energy from without. We are a field. We are a force of Nature; we are both created and creative.  We are what we eat.  We found that out.  We acted.  We changed.  And we told everyone about it.

At long last the tipping point has been reached and now that miraculous movement permeates its way freely through mainstream thought; now there are friends everywhere.  In eco-constrained eating circles there are few remaining that don’t get it:  that we are a self-sustaining mechanism that relies on consuming within the laws of the land, and those parameters are expanding rapidly and exponentially while those laws are laughing at us: warmly to eco-sensitivity, sardonically to the insensitive.

It is not for me to expound upon the truisms of a vegan or even a vegetarian lifestyle, that noise is loud enough.  We all carry our truth with us and give it our all, consiously or not.  But let me take a moment to congratulate you, manna's customers through the decades, and thank you for your approaching 50 years of patronage.  I urge you now with your tummy full of wondrously tasty, healthy and sustainable foods – hopefully still regularly from manna - to go further, to cock your ear to the ground and eye to the heavens and discover your wholeness, your holiness, your whole i ness.  Learn about your trinity, your tri-unity:  your animal, directive and counseling natures, and their proper interaction.  Then your newfound responsibility will resonate through the universe(s).  Avoid religion if you can, but if you really need that much help with some imagery, go only with good in your heart, utilize that energy and avoid as much as possible any cultish, exclusionary, jingoisic, or hegemonic sermons meted out.

Lower your brain wave frequencies and raise your consciousness, eat your raw foods and study the enzymatic effects of all foods on your particular body (know thyself).  Chew your liquids.  Drink your solids.  Hydrate thoroughly, but gently.  BLESS YOUR FOOD!

AND, do not forget to come to manna still for some further nourishment.  Say hello too, we’re the ones smacking our lips…

Roger Swallow
manna cuisine

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