menu update

spring, summer, autumn, winter -
beautiful, balmy, nasty weather notwithstanding,
we are always taking full advantage of the freshest and
properly preserved harvest available on a day-to-day basis.  
our menu always remains familiar but adjusted as necessary
by the finest and best ingredients available.  and, as usual,
daily specials are always vying for a place on the menu...!

we have added more starters and salads to enhance your
mezze selection, increasingly popular as a tasting menu
starter or main dish...

 come on in and let us know what you think!


while of course always serving our published menu, our recipes and daily specials are inspired by whatever our wonderful greengrocer phil finds for us at the farmers' markets each morning at 3:00 am...  gladly, he waits for us to wake up before he walks it over to us, zero carbon footprint on that part of the journey!

so stop by after a brisk walk in the park.  your favourites are always available in addition to some exciting new dishes and surprises - but leave room for our new desserts, more choices there too...!!!

this season we are now offering lots of new ways for you to create your own tasting menus.  we have added more starters for a larger meze choice as a main and we have added more sides so you can build your own meal.  including a 'grain of the day' to enable you to balance a dish in accordance with your own preference of the day.  dessert mezze coming soon too!

daily specials continue to excite as our executive chef robin swallow and chefs, marcin, ioan & maros, dream up ever amazing choices.  these specials are now challenging our signature dishes in popularity.  so, come on over to primrose hill for some fun tastings and nourishment... and bring the family.  let us know what you think!


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