chocolate fudge layer cake
a rich, intensely chocolaty cake, filled with delicious organic raspberry and blueberry compote and topped with a dark chocolate ganache (org)(v)
6” or 9” single layer round cake


lemon syrup cake
a moist, zesty, organic lemon drizzle cake full of chunks of glace lemon peel topped with rounds of sweet lemon (org)(v)
6” or 9” single layer round cake


raspberry & vanilla sponge

a deliciously light vanilla sponge sandwich filled with delicately cooked raspberries to preserve maximum flavour and topped with a smooth raspberry butter cream (org)(v)
6” or 9” double layer round cake


blueberry cake
a gorgeous cake studded with delicious organic blueberries, and topped with a succulent blueberry compote (org)(v)
6” or 9” single layer round cake


butternut squash & ginger cake
a gorgeously moist cake studded with crystallized ginger
and topped with a nutmeg spiked butter cream and chunks of sparkling ginger (org)(v)
6” or 9” single layer round cake


toffee apple cake
a deliciously moist apple cake flavoured with cinnamon and studded with succulent sultanas, all topped with toffee and walnuts (org)(v)(n)
6” or 9” single layer round cake


rich sugar free fruit cake
packed with fruit, flavoured with mixed spice and citrus peel, then studded with almonds, it’s hard to tell that this rich cake has no added sugar (org)(v)(n)
6” or 9” single layer round cake


carrot cake
classic carrot cake, with toasted coconut, cinnamon and sultanas, topped with an orange zest spiked butter cream icing (org)(v)
6” or 9” single layer round cake


passion cake
a moist and moreish spiced carrot cake, stuffed with pineapple and walnuts and covered with a zesty lemon glaze icing (org)(v)(n)
6” or 9” single layer round cake



cheese cake
raspberry & silken tofu cheese cake
this cool, creamy vanilla and coconut mousse on a golden flapjack base, with its luscious raspberry jelly topping, makes for a really delicious vegan cheese cake (org)(v)(wf)
6” or 9” round double layer



wheat free double chocolate muffins
rich gluten free muffins studded with chocolate chips and topped with
a dark chocolate ganache (org)(v)(gf)


wheat free cranberry & orange muffins
light gluten- free muffins, full of juicy cranberries, flavoured with orange zest and a hint of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla spice (org)(v)(gf)


rich chocolate brownies
a chocoholics dream! Dark chocolate brownies full of chocolate chips and covered in a rich chocolate glaze (org)(v)(gf)(n)
6” or 9” triple layer round cake


apricot & pumpkin seed flapjack
golden, sugar free flapjacks, loaded with apricots, sultanas and pumpkin seeds, spiced with ginger (org)(v)(wf)
(tray 20cm sq. 12 slices)


organic (org)
vegan (v)
gluten free (gf)
wheat free (wf)
contains nuts (n)
allergen: as we use nuts and gluten in our kitchen there may be traces of these in our cakes

soil association licence no: DA19834

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