• Restorative cookery course

    somerset retreat

    sasha harker

    It was a last minute decision to join manna cuisine cookery course in Dulverton, Somerset this weekend. I decided before the snow and despite the fairly heavy snow (by ...

  • Festive cookery course


    scotland retreat

    our first retreat at penninghame house was a great success!  a huge thank you for all who came and the wonderful folk nestled away in beautiful galloway who made us feel so welcom...

  • Pedals and panela: colombia’s brown sugar

     by Esme McAvoy

    We’ve been in Andrés’ home town Manizales for the last few weeks, a small city in the heart of Colombia’s coffee-growing region. Yet, on the lower slopes of the surrounding Andean mou...

  • Organiclea

    manna's supplier of organic fresh leaf & root vegetables.  locally produced, urban community project.  delivered by bicycle!

    by Esme McAvoy

    It’s empowering stuff, eating food that you’ve sown, gro...

  • Banana-rama

    by Esme McAvoy

    Bananas are bananas, right? Always yellow and always, erm, banana-shaped. Well, not always.

    Here in Colombia bananas come in all shapes and sizes. Some known as plantains are a radioa...

  • Hot chocolate, colombian style

     by Esme McAvoy

    It was in Colombia that I discovered just how good hot chocolate could be.

    Colombians prefer to drink their home-grown cacao rather than eat it and a ‘choco-lah-tay’ means a cup of d...

  • Summertime in minca – part one

    by Esme McAvoy

    Life here in the mountains might be relaxed and calm but I feel like there’s so much to learn. Things that I’d never even thought to question before while living in the city, about how...

  • Ecuador's markets

    by Esme McAvoy

     Anyone fancy a freshly whizzed up tree tomato, guava and alfalfa juice? Or a bag of knobbly pink potatoes perhaps? Or a half kilo of purple maize flour the colour of Parma violets?


  • Oil in the amazon

     by Esme McAvoy

    After three weeks in Ecuador, I’ve returned to our little house in the Colombian mountains to find Minca basking in the full heat of summer. The days seem to melt, stret...

  • Bogotá markets ‘la ciudad’

     by Esme McAvoy

    What’s bright orange, shaped like a Christmas tree bauble and filled with something resembling frogspawn? Clue: it’s a fruit and chances are you’ve never seen – or taste...

  • Coffee in colombia


    by Esme McAvoy


    As summer time begins here in Colombia and the days on the green mountain get even warmer, the snowy scenes in London feel a long way away, as remote as flicking ...

  • Minca, colombia

    by Esme McAvoy

    It’s just after midday and I’m sat at a wooden table on the open terrace of a pretty white-washed cottage overlooking an exotic flower-filled garden. Beyond, a view of the greenest of mo...

  • The pumpkin man

    Guest Post for Manna by Esme McAvoy

    I bought it on a whim. I meant to buy olives but emerged from Kentish town's impressive deli, Phoenicia, the proud owner of a rather striking white and British racin...

  • Blackberrying on hampstead heath

    Guest Post for Manna by Esme McAvoy


    There’s nothing like a spot of blackberry picking to trigger a little childhood nostalgia. Of the days when my big sis and I, aged nine and seven, would sneak o...

  • Elderflower time

    Guest Post for Manna by Laura Porter


    I love the idea of creating meals from foraging and harvesting nature but I’m far too much of an Urbanite to want to hang out in fields too often. But I hear...