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robin & roger swallow

As principals of manna cuisine of los angeles & london, we welcome you to our world and to london’s manna restaurant, one of Europe’s finest and oldest gourmet vegetarian establishments.  Join our friends, old and new and from far and wide, as our primrose hill restaurant celebrates its 50th anniversary!  

roger, with partner stephen hague, have had the privilege of owning manna restaurant since 1995, and over the years our menus have developed under the stewardship of a distinguished array of international chefs.  Before acquiring manna we were regular customers while in London, Roger even eating here during the turbulent 1960’s, a time of great change in London and around the world.  A new sensibility swept the lands then; consciousness and self-awareness were explored and we questioned everything, including the effects of our actions upon others and ourselves.  Our eating habits came under scrutiny like never before.  While London continued its longstanding tradition of welcoming immigrants with their exotic cuisine from around the world, we investigated so many foods, philosophies and disciplines and discovered new delights and new paths to health.  Quite quickly and very naturally, emerging from this, although common to many cultures and a basic philosophical dictum throughout the millennia, vegetarianism soon became the logical choice of an increasing number of people in a post-war and rapidly advancing contemporary society.  A new vegetarian sensibility was born, especially in california and the major cosmopolitian cities of Europe.  And in London, manna led the way

Fifty years on, health is now a prime directive in society.  No longer are there any doubts that proper health maintenance is achievable in no small part through our eating habits.  Few people today are unaware of the socio-ecological consequences of a toxic modern world.  Responsibly produced alternatives to a world of mass production increasingly become mainstream, and those of us who with a loud voice actively supported those products and providers, demanded natural nourishment from our foods.  Now, furthering even more an animal-product-free philosophy, a modern lifestyle without dairy products is resonating the same way that simple vegetarianism once did…  and like the essential nature of manna cuisine, our manna is a 100% vegan restaurant

One unfortunate myth, perhaps, is that healthy eating lacks connoisseur taste and gourmet presentation.  We know better.  We’ve been eating ethnic gourmet vegan food for decades. When the opportunity arose to acquire manna, a prime motive was to provide fine dining in the international tradition but with meatless recipes and vegan alternatives rarely available in restaurants, anywhere.  We travel the world compiling our recipes before bringing them lovingly to you.  We use only the highest quality, ecologically and socially responsible ingredients — fair trade products when available and organic and local products whenever fresh and viable – and, of course, to the best of our awareness all our food is GM free.  Peruse and sample our wine list and drinks menu also.  All of our wines and beers are organic and vegan and all items must meet our highest standards before offering them to you. We carefully select and proudly offer only the finest varieties available and make essential changes when necessary

manna restaurant makes every effort to provide you with the finest healthy nourishment in a friendly, clean, harmonious and relaxing environment.  All meals are individually prepared fresh every day, including our homemade organic breads.  Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.  If you are happy with us, please tell us. More importantly, if for any reason you are dissatisfied, please let us know so we can make every effort to remedy the situation and retain you as a valuable customer.  We welcome feedback, and we are happy to provide a card on which to table your comments and suggestions, and to join our mailing list

manna cuisine is also very proud to offer an array of vegan services and products.  A full catering service for every kind of event, large or small; wonderful cakes and products in london from our fully certified organic bakery & kitchen; cooking classes; consultations and advice tailored to your needs!   We would very much enjoy bringing the manna experience directly to you.  We offer the same quality cuisine, expertise and service in all related fields and can design a special program or menu based on years of successful catering and teaching for a large and sophisticated international clientele, including many celebrities

If you spot us around, please say hello... we love to meet our many friends and acquaintances to share stories and catch up with all the going's on around the world!

You can't miss us, we're the ones smacking our lips...!  R&R



Nourishment refers to much more than a healthy diet.  It is the care-giving function of man.  Eating properly implies care for oneself; providing healthy meals in the home is a sign of caring for the family; providing healthy meals for others is a sign of caring for others.  The writer of a great book, a composer of a wonderful piece of music or an artist who delivers an impression with beauty and grace, also provide nourishment - in these cases to humanity in general by caring deeply about his or her work.  You can know people by observing what they choose to nourish in their own lives.  Do they feed and develop their own bodies?  Do they cultivate their spirits, their intellects, their moral values?  Do they nourish (that is, care for) those around them, and if so, to whom do they devote their energies? The most successful people are temperate in eating and drinking, thinking and dreaming.  They strengthen the world by nurturing the higher nature in man. 

 Pay heed to your inner thoughts and impulses, ignoring - and more importantly changing - thoughts which can undermine a healthy and persevering attitude.  A wise person is temperate because to be otherwise only leads to discomfort; the fact that temporary pleasure may precede the discomfort does not dissuade the person of mature character.  Inspired to be wise, we aspire to be discriminating in our words and actions and articulate in our activities and interactions, lest a desire for temporary advantage lead to pain for ourselves and others.  

Enrich your own character and you will naturally nourish everyone around you

(paraphrased by roger swallow,   i ching commentary – origin unknown)


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