menu update

spring, summer, autumn, winter -
beautiful, balmy, nasty weather notwithstanding,
we are always taking full advantage of the freshest and
properly preserved harvest available on a day-to-day basis.  
our menu always remains familiar but adjusted as necessary
by the finest and best ingredients available.  and, as usual,
daily specials are always vying for a place on the menu...!

we have added more starters and salads to enhance your
mezze selection, increasingly popular as a tasting menu
starter or main dish...

 come on in and let us know what you think!


food about town

city of London
One of the best things that’s happened this summer was the release of Daft Punk – Get Lucky. Not only has it revived the 70′s Disco vibe and brought some life back into music, the main byproduct has been the resurrection of Nile Rodgers (of Chic fame). When I managed to get six tickets to his concert at the Kentish Town Forum, the next thing to think about was where to eat. Although Kentish Town has undergone massive gentrification in the past five years (it’s where the hipsters and yuppies in London now reside) and restaurants are sprawling up everywhere, we were conscious that Primrose Hill was right around the corner. My group of friends consisted of three meat eaters and three vegetarians, but we had one lone voice in the group who recommended a historic vegetarian restaurant in Primrose Hill called Manna (it’s 47 years old).

magnificent manna!

from Budding Bean

I clambered out of the cab onto the quiet London side street in Primrose Hill and it felt as though all of my worries and stresses from the day remained in that taxi as I began my serene and blissful evening at manna

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