canapés example1


sweet potato cakes heaped with baby leaves, glazed pecans and a maple syrup & mustard dressing (v)(g)

crostini topped with red peppers, or tapenade, or artichoke, pesto or baba ganoush, or carrot, mint & capers, or brown lentils, peppers and olives (v)

rocket & red pepper furikake maki sushi sushi rice roll crusted with black & white sesame seeds and filled with rocket leaves & red pepper, served with wasabi, pink pickled ginger & shoyu (v)(g)

thai spring rolls with sweet coriander & chilli dip (v)

tofu triangles stuffed with toasted cashew nut & pea pâté served with sweet chilli, sesame and tamari dipping sauce (v)(g)(n)

herbed falafel with beetroot humous, lemon and cumin tahina (v)


canapés example2


pizzettes topped with cashew cheese, red onion confit and walnuts (v)(n)

sweet potato, pea & lemongrass samosa with sweet chilli sauce (v)

vine leaf wraps vine leaf wrapped kebabs on an orange and black olive salad (g)(v)

tempura aubergine ganmodocki aubergine pockets filled with a smoky tofu pate in crispy tempura batter, served with sweet cucumber & coriander dipping sauce (v)

manna organic baby-burger in a sesame bun with beer battered onion rings, dill pickle and leaf salad (v)

wonton purses oyster mushroom, water chestnut and coriander filling served with sweet lime & mint dressing (v)


canapés example3


jade & ivory box cool cucumber and mooli ribbons wrapped round, smoky tofu, leeks and pinenuts with a thai basil dipping sauce and lotus crisps (v)(g)(n)

aspargus spears wrapped in herbed filo (v)

tricolori pattipan squash filled with artichoke and capers, red pepper and tomato, cream cheese and herbs served on baby leaves with a balsamic dressing (v)

star nacho stack corn tortillas, refried pinto beans, avocado, melted cashew cheese on tomato chipotle sauce, topped with crème fraiche and pico de gallo salsa (g)(v)

baby tarts filled with wild mushroom, crème fraiche & dill flecked with black truffle (v)

char-grilled aubergine rolatinis filled with roasted pepper, spinach & cashew cheese (g)(v)

organic bloody mary gazpacho shot

double dipped berries seasonal fruit coated with chocolate and caramel (v)
organic sorbet selection (v)



(v) vegan,   (vo) vegan option-please ask,    (org) organic,    (g) gluten free,   (n) contains nuts
nuts are used in shared spaces in our kitchen